PAHOEHOE (Inc. Pigmalião, Fabrizio Mammarella remixes)

by A-Tweed



The rising Italian A-Tweed debuts in Playground Records with a delightful Ep powered by mother nature. From volcanic lava to poisonous frogs in the jungle, he gives us a very complete package of 4 original mixes to which are added 2 high quality remixes from the Frente Bolivarista's head-honcho Pigmalião and the almighty Fabrizio Mammarella.

The trip begins with 'Dendrobates Tinctorius'. Psychedelic percussions and hypnotic humid rainforest. The sublow pushes us to go further. The darkness surrounds us, some voices appear in the distance. The coven has begun.

Everything continues with 'Phnom Penh Khave' and his acid modulations. A frenetic rhythm floods the track and plays with lysergic voices which converts the ride into a madness. We're here to dance!

The 3rd track in this release is 'OTO0OTO aka Fake Robot Cumbia'. The tropical flavor can be smelled it in the air. Some whistles, claps and güiros accompany the main synth flow. The temperature rises. Weird sounds invade our mind. Now we are all lost in the Fandango.

The last original in this Ep is 'Ropy Pahoehoe Flows'. The kick and the bass melt into an abrasive modulation like lava in the rocks of an ancient volcano. The things get deep but groovy. Time to burn.

The first remix in this launch comes from the hand of the Brazilian Pigmalião who converts 'Phnom Penh Khave' into a powerful and mysterious break. Full of crazy resonances and clatters this masterpiece invites us to dive deep into a giant bassline and a very intense groove.

To end this incredible journey we caught up with Fabrizio Mammarella delivering his own version of 'Ropy Pahoehoe Flows'. An epic ode that mixes outer space synths with organic percussion. Aborigines fighting with aliens in the middle of the jungle. A narcotic mantra for lost souls.


released April 12, 2021

Artist: A-Tweed
Remixes: Pigmalião, Fabrizio Mammarella
Label: Playground Records
Art: Melanie Minujen
Mastering: Submarea Studio
Catalogue: PGR035
Release date: 12/04/2021


all rights reserved



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