1. Swing Ride (Inc. Thomas Von Party, ALF CHAMPION remixes)
    Roe Deers

  2. Adin (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD
    Monk Ernie

  3. Tekes (Inc. Khidja, Mytron remixes)
    Stevie R & Parisinos

  4. Sinking In The Dark (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD
    Ninja Exotic Machine

  5. Mystic Saddle Ranch (Inc. Autarkic, Balam remixes)
    Kate Stein

  6. Vroom Vroom Fait La Basse (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD
    Da Iguana

  7. PAHOEHOE (Inc. Pigmalião, Fabrizio Mammarella remixes)

  8. Alvin (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD
    Stevie R & Parisinos

  9. Backyard #003: Compilation by Zombies In Miami
    Various Artists

  10. Cowbell Is The New Orange (Inc. Colossio, Alvaro Cabana & Silicodisco remixes)
    Ricardo Ruben

  11. Shango - Soca Fever (Cornelius Doctor 'Renegade' Edit) FREE DOWNLOAD
    Cornelius Doctor

  12. Raki At Breakfast In Kissamos (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD

  13. Oracular Punch (Inc. Kino Todo and Aristidez remixes)
    Radial Gaze

  14. Tamborile (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD

  15. Coin Crash (Inc. Bird Of Paradise, Local Suicide & Time To Sleep remixes)
    John Parsley

  16. Backyard #002: Compilation by Justin Strauss
    Various Artists

  17. Crazy Field (Anatolian Weapons "Acid" Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

  18. Halusinasi (Inc. Velmondo and Stevie R & Parisinos remixes)
    Ed Dix

  19. Three Doors (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD

  20. DUI (Inc. Bufi and Middle Sky Boom remixes)
    Martin Noise

  21. Backyard #001: Compilation by Rodion
    Various Artists

  22. Lazer In The Jungle (Sascha Funke 'Version B' Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
    Roe Deers

  23. Anyway (Inc. Anatolian Weapons and Kincaid remixes)

  24. Pandora (Inc. MR TC reinterpretation)
    Die Jungle

  25. Apinya Colada (Inc. Marc Piñol and Cornelius Doctor remixes)
    Hanzo & Yaman

  26. Softcore In My Hardcore (Inc. Fairmont and Kuunde & Javier Ferreira remixes)
    Theus Mago

  27. Eastwood (Inc. La Mverte and Balam remixes)

  28. Santo Ritmo (Inc. Mijo, Middle Sky Boom and Teniente Castillo feat. Skelesys remixes)
    Alejandro Molinari

  29. Lazer In The Jungle (Inc. Sascha Funke, Zombies In Miami and Niv Ast remixes)
    Roe Deers

  30. Trascendiendo (Inc. Rigopolar, Timothy Clerkin and Olsvangèr remixes)

  31. That Moment (Inc. Damon Jee, Kuunde and Mytron & Ofofo remixes)

  32. Kadum (Inc. Thomass Jackson, Richard Rossa and Roe Deers remixes)

  33. Down (Inc. Curses, Theus Mago and Id!r remixes)
    Ali X x Ximena

  34. Convalescent (Inc. Pardon Moi and Gameboyz remixes
    Los Fugazzi & Vongold

  35. Night Breakfast (Inc. FLVN, Mr BC and Uj Pa Gaz remixes)

  36. Senderos De Selva (Inc. Rodion, Leonor and JackWasFaster remixes)

  37. Tarmac Is My Friend (Inc. Los Fugazzi and Guerra remixes)
    Ricardo Ruben

  38. Balboa (Inc. Teniente Castillo and Binda)

  39. Acida (Inc. Bufi, Skelesys, Fernanda Arrau remixes)
    She Teiks

  40. Über (Inc. The Two Mamamrrachos and Javier Ferreira remixes)

  41. El Tigre (Iñigo Vontier, Vitor Munhoz, Roman & Castro and Tkuz remixes)
    Kuunde & Martin Noise

  42. Doxa/Episteme (Inc. Ampexx remix)
    Tufi Meme

  43. Bien Turro (Inc. Thomass Jackson and Montessori remixes)

  44. On Focus (Andy Martin and Loud Neighbor remixes)
    Javier Ferreira

  45. No Rest (Gabriel Ferreira and Ray Okpara & Mobius remixes)
    Saro Carrasi

  46. Anonymous
    Le Freak Selector

  47. Orwell
    Blax Draft

  48. Temple
    Leo Portela

  49. Do The Twist (Inc. Loud Neighbor remix)
    Ricardo Ruben

  50. Organo Predador
    Le Freak Selector

  51. Suculento

  52. Baix
    Blax Draft


Playground Records Barcelona, Spain

an original group of Dj’s from Buenos Aires, now a record label based in Barcelona, coming together with music producers from all around the world to create and disseminate the music we love.

Our purpose in life is to make people dance, communicate them with the primary sense of rhythm, the sophisticated delight of harmony and with the certainty that music connects souls.
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